Camera rigging

The VBag is an effective, diverse tool made for rigging cameras in even the most impossible places.

Securing equipment

Using the power of vacuum, the VBag will wrap around any object - including your camera - and "grip" it in a secure way, making sure it stays where it's supposed to.

Protecting your gear

Protecting your gear is important. Use the VBag to wrap around your equipment and it'll be safe as well as what you place it on.

Rigging inside cars? Not a problem!

Using the VBag inside cars is the pinnacle of why we made this product. It's the most versatile tool for this purpose as it allows you to both place the camera where you need is as well as protect the cars interior from scratches and dents.

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Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

We're proud to say that both independent filmmakers and Award-winning cinematographers are using VBags. See . We have VBags in all available sizes.

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Interested in buying one? Buy directly from us or one of our great dealers.

You can buy VBags either directly from us or through one of our awesome dealers around the world.

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